Occupational Health and Safety Policy

At Açık Holding, we offer a business environment in which our colleagues can perform their activities with ensuring their health and safety at high standards. With our world-class production approach, we implement the legal regulations in the field of Occupational Health and Safety.

• All our business functions cover all laws, regulations and specifications related to quality, environment and occupational health and safety,
• Our occupational health, safety and environmental goals are to be constantly monitored and improved,
• We prevent environmental pollution, occupational diseases and work accidents by controlling environmental risks and hazards in all our organizations,
• We reduce the use of energy and resources,
• We create a sense of responsibility in our colleagues by creating a company culture that attaches importance to occupational health, safety and environmental processes.
• We take measures to prevent accidents and non-compliance by determining the critical points in the service process.
• By utilizing contemporary practices in our sectors, we follow an effective, corrective actions for possible problems during our regular work activities.
• In this context, we commit effective communication with all parties related to OHS.