Information Technologies


One of the first Açık Holding Investments in the Information Communication Technology Industry is sayTEC based in Germany. sayTec is the solution partner of the international corporations operating in cyber and data security, backup&restore and secure remote access solutions.

SayFUSE provides a new technology for back-up and recovering data at a highly secure and exceptional speed (18 TB per hour). sayTRUST provides high secure access by utilizing patented VPSC (Virtual Private Secure Communication) technology. sayTEC’s differentiates itself in ICT sector with these two outstanding features.

SayTEC has become a key player in the sector and continues its investments in IoT, System Solutions, robotic technologies and augmented reality in line with the vision of Açık Holding. One of the long-term targets is to invest in software and hardware solutions that have sustainable growth trends in the field of ICT. With this approach we are aiming to support the companies that have potential in their software or hardware products and enhance their growth with our marketing and R&D support.


SecuritySecure high-speed data Access...


Speed18 TB back up /recovery speed per hour…


TechnologySecure IT Technologies and solutions...