Our Guidelines and Target

The essence of our human resources criteria is based on ”WE”. We; as Açık Holding, a big family with polyphonic and strong voice. We see all our colleagues as part of this great family. Together with our team spirit, solidarity and the ability to act together, we strive to increase our success in a sustainable way.

Our criteria;
• Our communication is precise and clear.
• We always support common value-added decisions.
• We share information with our colleagues and cooperate with them.
• We empathize with everyone and solve our problems together
• Encourage and support different ideas and visions.
• We work hard to succeed
• We do not give up against obstacles
• We find new methods for difficult goals
• We use our time and resources effectively
• We focus on solutions, not problems

We represent our brands in the best way anytime and anywhere with our structure that adds value to people, increases their quality of life, attaches importance to continuity and feedback, shares fairness and success.


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• We provide the necessary environment for motivation and team work, trainings for personal development, work peace and work safety.
• We work to reinforce the close communication and team spirit among our companies to increase synergy.
• Within the scope of our personnel rewarding system, we recognize the success of our employees and reward them based on common values and competencies.
• In recruitment and the award of titles, we seek the necessary conditions, such as expertise and experience, to ensure that the task is performed in the best possible way.
• We take care that our colleagues are assigned to the most efficient staff according to their qualifications
• In conducting personal affairs, we are align with law, justice and goodwill rules.
• We do not discriminate on the basis of language, race, gender, political thought, philosophical belief, religion, sect and similar reasons.
• We try to spread the awareness that permanent unconditional customer satisfaction is the most important element of our company.

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