- I stopped being an engineer. I understand people and their real needs. I can respond to them. Everything is constantly changing and changing. The question is: Are you prepared for it and are you brave enough to face these facts. -

Steve Jobs, one of the most prominent entrepreneurs of our time, has been a compass to show us the right direction to position ourselves in the world markets correctly and shape our business habits.

The most important criteria of sustainable success are to understand people's needs, understand the changes in the global market correctly and to blend this with corporate culture. With the transformation and innovation, we make progress and new achievements that shape the future with the bold steps we take with our professional experts to make the right decisions at the right time.

In the last two decades, we have been able to compete world's giants by increasing our R&D activities, innovative product and service diversity, production capacity and awareness of our brands. After 20 years of constant successes as Açık Group, we will now continue our journey as AÇIK HOLDING. We continue to grow with a renewed spirit and energy by preserving our traditional structure, foresight and responsibility and enriching it with new technologies.

AÇIK Holding, as an international company headquartered in Turkey, is aiming to position itself among the world's major players with the developed technologies and products that shape the future.

As a big and strong ACIK Family, we continue to contribute to the societies of our world with more investment, more employment and more prosperity.