Dear Business Partners and Colleagues,

Today, in our world, where about 770 million people still do not have access to electricity, there is a serious population that cannot fully experience the Second Industrial Revolution. On the other hand, Industry 4.0, characterized by a much more widespread and mobile internet, smaller but powerful sensors and machine learning, continues to rise rapidly above the Third Industrial Revolution, also known as the computer revolution. Thanks to smart factories, it makes possible a world in which production systems flexibly collaborate with each other in a global plan.

The scope of the conversion is so large that the transformation must be as fast, of course. On one hand, nearly half of the world's population does not have access to the internet, but on the other, the internet has spread all over the world in less than 10 years. Considering that it took almost 120 years for the spinning machine, the symbol of the first industrial revolution, to spread outside Europe, this is an incredible speed.

As we still talk about Industry 4.0, a new society has already come into sight as “Society 5.0”, in consequence of the technological breakthroughs like artificial intelligence(AI), robotics, Internet of things(IoT), 3D printers, nanotechnology, biotechnology, augmented reality, energy storage and quantum computing that all have been created with the impact of emerging information and communication technologies developments. At the center of this society, there exists “human” and “quality of human life”.

The primary goals are to develop solutions against the ageing world population, to make the virtual world and the real world work together, to use the Internet of things in accordance with the interests of society, to produce solutions for environmental pollution and natural disasters.

We, as Açık Holding, are aware of the importance of this process; we have been working for more than twenty years, putting the human and the quality of human life at the focus of our goal. Our most important strength is our expertise in creating end-to-end critical facilities, which we support with the R&D investments at home and abroad. We aim to be one of the important players of this changing process; by storing the data in the countries we operate, within the borders of the country and under reliable conditions, by our pioneering work on cyber defense, by our contribution to sustainability with our energy-saving, high-performance products and by our investments in prolonging the healthy life span.

As a group of companies that are centered on technology, we will continue to undertake accurate, meaningful, distinctive works in the international arena with our human-oriented works and to be the driving force of the industry with our superior technological infrastructures.