We are an international innovative, technology and security company with over 2000 employees in 16 countries. For over 21 years, we have bundled our market knowledge with future-oriented technologies and services. The combination of reliable craftsmanship, professional development and innovative products, electrical and digital technology forms the basis for our success. Açık Holding operates in the fields of telecommunications, IT Security Infrastructure, building and industrial solutions and advanced composite materials for the aviation and defense industries. Açık Holding's secret for success relies on three points: Innovation, security and comfort.

Our focus is always on people. All industries in which we operate play an important role in the development of future-oriented solutions for people.

A world without smartphones, telecommunications and digitization is unthinkable. Increasing digitalization is pervading our everyday lives. It offers new opportunities for society, but also involves technology-related risks. We are gaining more and more access to the digital infrastructures and services with which we interact on a daily basis. They make our lives easier in many areas, e.g. in the control of air handling systems in buildings or in medical care. However, data requirements and data transfer are increasing rapidly as a result.

In the aerospace and defense industry, lightweight materials such as composites are among the most important developments of this century. Lightweight components will also revolutionize the industry in electromobility. They immensely reduce energy consumption and material wear, protect the environment and resources, and protect human lives.

Our products and systems offer the highest quality with sophisticated design. The focus of our systems and products is on components for the expansion and maintenance of telecommunications infrastructure, IT Security and building solutions. We will expand our portfolio with new systems and services in building and industrial solutions to ensure a fast and seamless supply of high-quality products and services in Europe and all around the World.